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Amasi is a probiotic made from specially imported wild cultures. These cultures reduce lactose, making a live probiotic drink that assists in the digestion of other foods, thus keeping your tummy flora happy and active all day. It has a sharp clean taste with the consistency of a drinking yogurt. It has also been compared to sour cream.  It’s a great alternative to yogurt or milk for people who find lactose difficult to digest or who are intolerant.

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Amasi™ is a traditional fermented milk used in African countries for over 40,000 years. It has a sharp clean taste with the consistency of a drinking yogurt. It has also been compared to sour cream.

Alan and Gabrielle Kervella are excited by the success of their probiotic drink for people who are lactose intolerant.

Our general health is directly related to our gut flora and Kervella recommends a ‘shot’ of Amasi™ each day.  This product can help support a balanced digestive system and is a must if you are on a course of anti-biotics.

Amasi™  is made using original ‘wild’ symbiotic bacteria, first isolated over 100 years ago.

We hand make this cheese in our fromagerie using milk from our neighbour’s sustainable farm. There is absolutely no inputs in the milk but salt, cultures and microbial rennet.

All our packaging is recycled, compostable and eco friendly.

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  1. Alesha

    If you are on the look out for a truly health giving probiotic drink, Amasi is ideal. I have bought it for my children when I feel they need a bit of a boost to their gut health. They love having a little cup of it on it’s own and seem to really crave it at times. When I have looked for similar probitoic drinks in the supermaket and read the labels on the keffir products etc, I see ingredients like milk powder and skim milk which has me questioning how alive and health giving they really are. Amasi is only the good stuff. Highly recommend.

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