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Indulgence is the first cheese in our raw milk range. It has a rich nutty and earthy flavour and is never the same twice as its bacterial cultures are those predominant in the raw milk on the day. All weights are approximate and will vary.

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Indulgence is a raw milk cheese aged 3-6 months plus. The cheese has a rind  of various edible moulds and yeasts that contribute to the indulgent texture. It has a rich nutty and earthy flavour that immediately pleases the tongue and leaves a lingering floral, mushroom aftertaste with bursts of sweet lactic crystals.

Indulgence is available as a 1/4 wheel at approx. 500g, 1/2 a wheel at approx. 1.1kg and as a whole wheel at approx. 2.2kg.

Kervella raw milk cheese is never the same twice as its bacterial cultures are those predominant in the raw milk on the day.

We hand make this cheese in our fromagerie using milk from our neighbour’s sustainable farm. There is absolutely no inputs in the milk but salt, cultures and microbial rennet.

All our packaging is recycled, compostable and eco friendly.





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2 reviews for Indulgence (Raw)

  1. Melanie Walker (verified owner)

    We live on a very low income so after finishing a round of Pikiki Knowlege that we splashed out on in December, we went back to supermarket cheese. It was so very disappointing in every way. We have decided to spend the considerable extra for the quality of kervalla cheese and just eat less to enjoy more. This is superior quality cheese, we love it. Recommend to everyone.

  2. Mike (verified owner)

    This has to be some of the best cheese I have ever had, and not just for the flavour.
    Raw cheese has a lot of beneficial bacteria as well as the specific enzymes to aid in its digestion and assimilate the vitamins and nutrients – this is not the case with pasteurised cheese (or milk) where the enzymes and bacteria are destroyed or denatured.
    Eating this does not leave me feeling bloated or sluggish like with regular supermarket cheese – quite the opposite in fact. It seems to help with digestion of other foods. I can’t get enough of this stuff.
    Having suffered from a dairy intolerance for the last 5 years it feels great to be able to reintroduce it and feel good after eating it. The only problem is that I need to limit myself so I’m not going through a KG every week!

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