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Knowledge is the second cheese in our Pikiki range. It is a five month old cheese with a buttery texture and a rich aroma and flavour. All weights are approximate and will vary.

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Kervella Pikiki Mountain cheese is so ancient it predates the medieval period. Three stages of maturity are available.

The second in this range is Knowledge, a five month old cheese with a close and buttery texture. In the second stage, the Lacto fermentation has settled adding depth to the cheese. Due to the acid development, rich aroma and flavours evolve.

Knowledge is available as a 1/4 wheel at approx. 500g, 1/2 a wheel at approx. 1.1kg and as a whole wheel at approx. 2.2kg.

We hand make this cheese in our fromagerie using milk from our neighbour’s sustainable farm. There is absolutely no inputs in the milk but salt, cultures and microbial rennet.

All our packaging is recycled, compostable and eco friendly.

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